Reliable After Sales Service at Authorized Samsung Repair Centers

Samsung is a multinational company located in Seol, South Korea. The company is engaged in the production of electric and electronic goods like mobile phones, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, computer monitors, digital cameras, vacuum cleaners, digital printers and varieties of other products. In addition to these, Samsung donates about US$100 million per annum for various health care services provided by the Samsung medical centers. For the convenience of the customers, the company has also established a network of Samsung service centres at various places.

samsung service centre

R & D

Samsung spends a considerable amount of money on the R & D. The continued research carried out in the R & D has enabled Samsung to bring products that adopt the latest available technology. The company has been introducing new products at regular intervals. The new products are on display at every authorized Samsung service centre.

Samsung Pay Phones

Now, you can swipe your debit/credit card on the exclusive Samsung pay phones. In fact, this phone has been in use in Australia and various other European countries. This phone which operates on ‘Near Field Communication’ (NFC) Technology can also be used on all other types of magnetic stripe terminals as well. Samsung has adopted MIT technology in the Samsung pay phones. These phones are also on display at the Samsung service centre.

Customer Self-Tracking System

Almost every Samsung service centre Sidney market has today, and in other parts of Australia, is manned by adequately qualified, trained and experienced technicians. The access to the service center is so customized that you can track the status of any of the gadgets which you have given for repair or for servicing. Once you are given the ticket for repair or servicing, you can check the status on the website of the Samsung service centre to know the status of repair or servicing work. For this purpose, Samsung has evolved a utility called as ‘Samsung Customer Self-Tracking System’. More information brand name: Gom

Send Email

You can walk into any authorized Samsung service centre across the globe to avail the benefit of servicing and repair works. In addition to this, if you have any issue with any of the products from Samsung you may call the helpline or send an email which will be responded at the earliest possible time.

New Products

During this year’s Mobile World Congress, Samsung is expected to introduce its Galaxy Tab S3. As you know, Galaxy Tab S is an Android tablet with a high-end processor. Similarly, Samsung has also introduced Notebook 9 laptops with Lake Chips. This laptop with battery life lasting about 7 hours is considered to be a very versatile product. The laptop has greater graphic visibility as compared to all other laptops of its class. You can know about all the technical details of these products either at authorized service centers or with the authorized dealers.

Fully Equipped Service Centers

With every fully equipped Samsung repair centre Sidney offers, Samsung has been attending to the calls of the customers at the earliest possible time. In addition to this Samsung has been introducing products using latest available technology so as to provide products to the entire satisfaction of the customers.

Samsung has been at the forefront of innovation and introducing customer friendly products. You may visit popular sales and service centers like to know more about the various products introduced by this manufacturing giant.